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iWatch – Validating Machine-Learned Algorithms From Accelerometer Data

blue-bulletpointCORR – Clinical Systems and Mobile SMS Intervention for Obese Adults
blue-bulletpointFit4Life – Web and Mobile SMS Intervention for Childhood Cancer Survivors blue-bulletpointPALMS – Cyber-Enabled Measurement of Health Behaviors in Time and Space
blue-bulletpointmDiet and Con-Text Mobile SMS Intervention for Weight Control

blue-bulletpointTREDS – Training, Research and Education for Driving Safety

blue-bulletpointHOPE – Educating Health Professionals About Pediatric Obesity blue-bulletpointEPARC – Exercise and Physical Activity Resource Center
blue-bulletpointPACE iDP & PC – Clinical Systems Interventions
for Obese and Overweight Children
blue-bulletpointMIPARC – Multilevel Intervention for Physical Activity in Retirement Communities

Genetic Basis of Civic Engagement and Social Networks and Their Effect on Health

blue-bulletpointSMART – Using Social Media and Mobile Technologies to Promote Improved
Health Behaviors

Health Data Exploration Project

blue-bulletpointSpatial Analysis of GPS Data
blue-bulletpointShared Decision-Making – When an Interpreter Is Needed
blue-bulletpointInjury Epidemiology, Research, and Prevention Center
blue-bulletpointTAHLC – Texting for Adolescent Health Liaisons and Communication blue-bulletpointCYCORE – Cyberinfrastructure for Comparative Effectiveness Research
blue-bulletpointCitiSense – Mobile-Phone–Based Participatory Sensing for Environmental Exposures

blue-bulletpointVCP-DOT: Video Cell Phone – Directly Observed Therapy for Tuberculosis

blue-bulletpointDELPHI – Data E-platform Leveraged for Patient Empowerment and Population Health Improvement

blue-bulletpointTREC Project 4 – Transdisciplinary Research on Energetics and Cancer