Injury Epidemiology, Research, and Prevention Center

This collaborative effort of UCSD’s Division of Trauma and Division of Preventive Medicine promotes the study and prevention of injuries, from bench to community.  The team is involved in a series of research and service projects.  This unique collaboration brings together basic scientists, trauma surgeons, and preventive medicine physicians to tackle injuries, which are the leading cause of death until age 35.  Funding for individual projects currently comes from the NIH, DOD, OTS, and NHTSA.

Co-Principal Investigators: Raul Coimbra, MD, PhD, FACS, and  Linda Hill, MD, MPH
Investigators:  Kevin Patrick, MD, MS, Andrew Baird, PhD, Bruce Potenza, MD, Jay Doucet, MD, FACS, Jeanne Lee, MD, Vishal Bansal, MD