ConTxt – Mobile SMS Intervention for Weight Control

The ConTxt study evaluated a theory-based text-message intervention for weight loss delivered a randomized controlled trial funded by the National Cancer Institute. Participants were overweight and moderately obese (BMI 25–29.9) men and women ages 21–60, and the study was conducted in both English and Spanish.  The ConTxt study expanded and deepened the logic of our earlier mDIET study, results of which were published in JMIR in 2009.

The ConTxt study enrolled 298 participants for 12 months who were randomized to one of three groups: SMS messages only, SMS messages plus monthly counseling calls, or a comparison group.  Intervention goals included:

•    5% weight loss
•    500 k/cal per day deficit through reduced caloric intake and increased energy expenditure
•    12,000 steps per day through the use of a pedometer
•    reduce sedentary behaviors and sitting time

Principal Investigator: Kevin Patrick, MD, MS
Project Staff: Fred Raab, Simon Marshall, PhD, Greg Norman, PhD
Project Coordinator: Lindsay Dillon, MPH

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