TREC Project 4 – Transdisciplinary Research on Energetics and Cancer

The UCSD TREC Center,  part of the National Cancer Institute TREC initiative, focused on the role of insulin resistance and inflammation, from the cell to the community, underlying the association between energetics and breast cancer. Project 4, “Advancing Assessment of Energy Expenditure in Women with Increased Cancer Risk,” is collecting GPS and accelerometer data on two cohorts of women enrolled in weight change RCTs. The project is developing machine-learned algorithms to classify GPS and accelerometer data into meaningful behaviors. This work employs SenseCams to provide annotated truth files that train the algorithm. The project will compare traditional intensity and MET calculations of physical activity with machine-learned behavior classifiers to predict insulin sensitivity.

Principal Investigator: Jacqueline Kerr, PhD
Co-Investigators: Simon Marshall, PhD, Jim Sallis, PhD, Gert Lanckriet PhD
Consultants: John Staudenmayer, Soren Brage
Project Coordinator: Katie Crist, MPH