VCP-DOT: Video Cell Phone – Directly Observed Therapy for Tuberculosis

The VCP-DOT program is a collaborative effort between the UCSD Division of Global Public Health, the TB Control Programs of San Diego County, and the Municipality of Tijuana, BC, Mexico. This pilot study will evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of a novel approach to delivering DOT using cell phones, through which patients send daily videos of themselves taking their TB medications. Videos are then viewed remotely by a DOT worker located at the TB Control Program office via a web-based video and data management system hosted by CALIT-2 at UCSD. By allowing patients to send videos at any time from any location via their cell phone, we anticipate that patients will miss fewer observed doses because they may take them on a schedule that better suits their lifestyle, and travel time is no longer a hindrance to face-to-face DOT.

Principal Investigator: Richard Garfein, PhD, MPH
Co-Investigators and Collaborators: Kevin Patrick, Kathy Moser, Paris Cerecer Callu, Maria Gudelia Rangel, Maria L. Zuniga, Jose-Luis Burgos,Timothy C. Rodwell, Frederic Raab, Ganpathy Chockalingam, Mark Sullivan, Allison Flick
CoordinatorKelly Collins